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We are part of the Greenshop Group. The Greenshop Group of companies are: Greenshop Eco-store, Rainharvesting Systems, Greenshop Solar, Consolar UK, AURO UK and Holbrook Garage... the first service station in the UK to offer lead free petrol and Autogas ...Go to website



The Green Shop is our partner and stocks a huge range of eco-friendly products, including the largest range of natural paints in the country and an excellent selection of books... Go to website




Consolar specialise in the efficient storage of heat energy... Go to website



Rainharvesting Systems was the pioneer in the design and manufacture of this technology in the UK, harvesting rainwater for reuse in buildings from domestic to very large commercial projects...Go to website



ecolour house


Ecolour is another 'Greenshop Group' company specialising in Natural paints and finishes... Go to website


Holbrook Garage from where it all began, a workshop, MOT station and fuel station supplying the local area with a quality, reliable service. The technical ability and forward thinking of the members of staff started to consider a more sustainable way of living..............Go to website