Solar Thermal

Domestic Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems provide you with hot water and can also supply your heating system. The system works by having solar panels (collectors) usually positioned on the roof that convert the solar radiation into heat which is then transfered through pipes to a hot water cylinder or heat store. This system does not require direct sunshine to operate so it will work all year round.

There are two types of panels, the flat plate panel and the evacuated tube panel. The flat plate panels look like large roof windows and are often prefered for looks over the tube collector. The evacuated tube panels consist of glass tubes in which the solar radiation is converted into heat. Mirroring behind the tubes concentrates the sun's rays and the vacuum in the tubes allows almost no heat to escape. Because of this they deliver more heat in the autumn, winter and spring than the flat plate panels. We recommend the evacuated tube panels if you require both a hot water and a heating system. If prefered either system can be integrated into the roof rather than installed on to the existing roof.

Greenshop Solar Ltd are the leading installers of solar hot water systems (solar thermal) for Gloucestershire and neighbouring counties. We design, supply and install domestic, commercial and swimming pool systems. Our installation services and all our equipment are MCS accredited and eligable for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Hot Water Systems

With fuel prices going up all the time it makes sense to look at ways to reduce your bills as well as cutting your carbon emissions. In a typical home hot water accounts for around 25% of the heating bill - the majority being central heating. Our solar hot water systems will provide most of your summer hot water use (Energy Saving Trust).

Supplying this amount of your annual hot water by solar heating will typically need 2 to 5 square metres of panels and will cost between £2,500 and £6,000. Prices vary depending on the solar panel used, whether mains pressure hot water is required and specific requirements of your building.

From March to September solar energy will usually provide most of your hot water, but will only contribute to pre-heating water during the winter months, your boiler will need to be used to bring it up to temperature.

These systems are relatively easy to price and to install usually taking just two or three days for a domestic property. We can of course also provide larger solar hot water systems for multi occupancy buildings such as hotels, halls of residence, schools or commercial sites.

Space Heating Support Systems

Solar thermal can be used for heating systems (space heating). It is most effective for low temperature systems such as under floor heating. This can be achieved by installing more collectors on the roof and using a larger capacity thermal store instead of a normal solar hot water cylinder. The thermal store is larger than a hot water cylinder so it will need to be installed in a boiler/plant room or basement rather than your airing cupboard.

These systems cost from around £8000 installed and will typically employ 6 to 10 square metres of solar panels to provide an effective heating system. They are more involved to install but save larger amounts of energy and make bigger reductions in CO2 emissions - especially in low energy buildings.

Greenshop Solar is the sole UK distributor for some of the most advanced thermal stores available. See our website for more information.