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We are MCS Approved installers for Domestic & Commercial systems
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Service and Maintenance

PV - Domestic

During the PV Feed in Tariff "gold rush", or "Feed in Frenzy" the high demand meant that many systems were poorly installed by companies that are no longer trading. We have the skills to diagnose and rectify problems with badly installed or specified systems.

If you need advice on a system that you are doubtful is functioning correctly, call us and we can discuss it with you.

All systems benefit from a regular performance check if only to ensure your income, on systems we have installed or maintained an off-site annual check is free of charge. We can include systems installed by others after we have carried out an on-site inspection and adopted the system.

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On-site inspection should be carried out every 5 years to check switches, a visual inspection from the ground (or suitable vantage point) to confirm the panels and frame security are OK.

A visual inspection is advised to check if the panels need cleaning, as dirt reduces their performance.We can offer a cleaning service if required. Dirt is likely to be more of a problem if the panels are mounted at a more shallow angle

PV - Commercial

As with domestic systems, but as the output is likely to be higher, any failures are likely to result in higher financial loss or more physical damage, so inspection and checks are important. We offer maintenance contracts if required.

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Solar Thermal - Domestic

Solar thermal systems need regular householder checks of system pressure and a visual check for leaks - whenever you think about it.

The fluid needs regular changes but the interval will depend on how often the system runs into overheat and how well the system copes with overheating, some systems need annual fluid changes, some will go five years or more. We suggest an annual service, and we will carry out whatever operations your system requires. 

Solar Thermal - Commercial and Pool

As for solar thermal domestic but an annual inspection and changing the fluid is more important because the heat transfer rate is likely to be higher. We offer maintenance contracts if required.

For all service requirements please contact us giving details of your system and the level of service you require.

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