Commercial Solar PV

Greenshop Solar are MCS Approved and install commercial solar PV systems in Gloucestershire and throughout the South West

Commercial Solar PV

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Greenshop Solar is a long established renewables company delivering efficient, high quality commercial solar pv systems in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire, from its in the Cotswolds at Bisley, Stroud.

Greenshop Solar will advise on and install commercial installations on buildings of all sizes. For the business occupying the building the return on investment is particularly good, it also gives the business more financial predictability and security into the future. As you will have heard on the news energy security will be a big issue in the coming years

Commercial solar PV installations give a different payback/investment scenario, the energy consumption profile is usually high daytime use which matches perfectly the energy generation profile.

This has two main effects on the payback, the first is that the business will probably use all the energy that is being generated, saving the cost of buying in electricity, the second is that it will future proof the company against energy cost price increases. This is in addition to the company receiving an income from the Feed in Tariff for actually generating the energy.

Large scale commercial PV systems can be installed on a roof or be ground mounted. Off-site annual system performance monitoring is included with all our installations.

Systems above 30kw peak are required to meter their export energy, it is not deemed as with smaller systems.

On larger systems we often come across the situation where the District Network Operator requires us to limit the maximum export power for local area distribution reasons. On shutdown sunny weekends a larger system may export more than their maximum figure, but the in normal working business operation the business demands are such that everything generated will be used. Larger systems can be fitted and system controls installed to limit the maximum exported energy.

Commercial systems get more benefit from using the energy generated, so a peak generation at midday is not as useful as flatter generation profile so a low angle east/west installation installed is often a better option.

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